Rich Holt

Politics, Media, Charity

Rich Holt got his professional start in politics in 2005. As a political consultant, Rich worked on gubernatorial, congressional, and presidential campaigns with the firm.Rich first got national attention for his work leading the 2008 draft Condi movement before working in Iowa and New Hampshire for Presidential candidate John Cox. After briefly working in Alabama during the famous republican takeover of the Alabama Statehouse in 2010, Rich decided to take a brief break from politics to finish his undergraduate studies in History at Ohio University where he graduated in 2012.After graduation, he started his firm, Sirius Campaigns, and continued working as a Republican Strategist for local and national elections.Since returning to politics in 2014, Rich has worked in key positions including as Political Director for the Virginia House Republican Campaign Committee, State Field Director for the Washington State Republican Party, Regional Director for Congressman Denver Riggleman, and Regional Field Director for Donald Trump in Iowa.As a member of the National Center for Public Policy Research, Rich has acted as a media surrogate for the group and met with leadership in the US Senate about the groups proposals for criminal justice reform in 2017.Writing for National Politics Blog and Third Rail Politics, Rich's columns and editorials have also been featured in hundreds of newspapers nationwide including the Washington Examiner. Rich has also appeared in over 200 radio, newspaper and TV interviews being featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, Salon, Newsmax, US News, and others.While Rich continues his consulting work, he started a charity, American's Helping, in mid 2022, to render assistance in housing and clothes for Ukrainian refugees.Rich is the father of two children, veteran of the Army National Guard, a member of the Republican Party, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Gun Owners of America, and the American Historical Society.